Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Have not fear...Super Stitchers are here!

As sewing evolves from home-ec into home engineering, all sorts of boundaries are being crossed. 
Kids of both genders who might have dismissed sewing as matronly are suddenly begging for machines as birthday presents. 

“Algorithmic thinking” is the term some computer scientists use to describe what it takes to translate a two-D paper pattern into a three-D soft object. These young "crafty" types experimenting for the first time with wired clothes are coming into online communities typically dedicated to designing computers and robots. So, every time young sewers make something new, they are in small ways, making new cultures of technology. 

No matter how you describe it or what you make - It's not just for "grandma" anymore.
Sewing is growing and Sewing is fun!

These are a couple of the skirts our Super Stitchers finished today. 
In this beginning class basic sewing skills are taught, creativity expressed and encouraged.